A great F1 season

I’ve been commentating F1 on Norwegian TV since 1997, and the 2014 season was maybe not the one of the very best, but it was ok with some good races an a title fight all the way to the wire.

We had a great battle between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg that ended in the last race in Abu Dhabi. I did 15 of the 19 F1-races this year (four of them collided with my VLN-races for Møller Bil Motorsport), and I was on-site in Singapore.

These days we are mostly sitting in Oslo and doing the commentary. With families all the commentators like it that way, but we travel to a couple of races each year. Since I’ve been to the European races many times I try to find races that I haven’t been to, and therefore we have traveled to places like Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Montreal, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur the last years.

When I started as a F1-commentator in 1997 I was just 17 years old and the world’s youngest. Since then I’ve commentated most of the F1-races on Norwegian TV for almost 20 years, for channels like Canal+, NRK, TV2, TV3 and today Viasat Motor (and Viasat4 and viaplay.no).

Formula 1 is a big part of my life, and I’m already looking forward to the next season.

Check out a promo-film we made in 2011 here:

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