It’s been a long while since our last race, and it’s been a long while since the latest update on this website.

Our racing season is a bit special this year, with just one race (and a test) in the spring, and five races in the fall. Therefore I have had a long summer break from racing, but a lot of other things have been going on as usual.

Not long after our victory at the Nürburgring this spring I traveled to Monaco to commentate the Grand Prix on-site for Viasat Motor with my colleague Thomas Schie. As the lead announcer I’m doing 15 of this years 19 F1-races, but I will be on-site just two times; Monaco in the spring and Japan in the fall.


Then we had our annual soap box race, the Nordberg Grand Prix, where the car this year had the same colors as Danica Patrick’s car in NASCAR. A few weeks later I was almost able to add a new race track to my collection when I visited Knockhill in Scotland, but the track was closed. But I took the opportunity to drive on one of the stages of Rally Corsica, during my holiday this summer.

Other than that I have been busy working for my PR agency Ribalta, and having a great summer holiday with my family. But now I can feel that the racing season soon will start again, and I’m ready for the first of five races August 22nd.

You can find pictures from the latest weeks here:


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