We finished a fantastic 2015 at the top of the podium!

This season has been fantastic for Møller Bil Motorsport. On six attempts we won two races, finshed second two times, and had to retire two times where we were fighting for victory.

I’m also very satisfied with my own driving. Pole position and fastest lap of the race in April, fastest lap of the race in August and a personal race lap record in October.


On Saturday we first had to wait for the fog to clear, and the race was shortened from four to three hours. The qualifying was also a little shorter, and both Kenneth and I had a lap time of 08.45, which was good enough for second position. I was not entirely satisfied with my lap, and I think I “overdrove” the tires on the cold track.

As always this season, I started the race. I had a great start, overtook the leading car in SP3T and was ten seconds faster on the first lap.

But then the 5 cylinder car got up to it’s regular pace, and had a lap time of 08.40 on the second lap. I think this is the fastest race lap in SP3T ever, at least when you take this year’s speed limits into consideration. My lap time at the second lap was 08.44, which is my fastest race lap ever (we can drive much faster in qualifying, but official lap records are always from races), and maybe the fastest race lap ever with a 4 cylinder SP3T car if you take the speed limits into account?

Even though I probably did my best stint ever, I was passed easily by the 5 cylinder car on Döttinger Höhe, and was second before the first pit stop. Our mechanics did a great job, and Kenneth headed out as the second driver. But this time Kenneth was blocked behind the same Porsche that had blocked me in the last race. Kenneth lost quite a lot of time on this, but still we were just seconds behind the leading car when Håkon took over for the last stint. Håkon was chasing the leading car with his soft tires, but then the race got red flagged.

At first I was a bit dissapointed because I think Håkon had a good chance to catch the leader, but then we got the message that we had won the race, since the rules say that the last lap doesn’t count when there is a red flag. And since we pitted two laps later than our main competitor, we were leading at that time.

Normally I would not have been too happy with a victory like this, but this time I feel that we deserved the win. Rules are rules, and yes we were lucky in a way, but it’s also an important part of strategy to have the last pit stop as late as possible, because things like this can happen. Hadn’t it been for the Porsche that blocked Kenneth in the middle stint, I think we would have been in the lead anyway, and maybe Håkon could have taken us into the lead because of his soft tires. And last time we had to retire from the lead because of technical problems. Also I don’t think the level of competiton in the SP3T car has been fair this year, and we have been underdogs all season.

This was a great way to end a great season. Once again all our team members have done a stunning job, and it’s such a joy to be a part of Møller Bil Motorsport. Thank you!

Photos: Pål Henning Berg


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