Møller Bil Motorsport won our third race in a row in the German VLN-championship at the Nürburgring Nordschleife on Saturday.

This was our second race this season, and we won both this weekend, the first race this year and the last one in 2015.

The last race for Møller Bil Motorsport was in April, but I had a race in the Audi Sport TT Cup in June. Anyway, it has been a long break since the last race. Therefore we planned to do some driving on the GP-track Friday morning, but the track was closed after an accident, so we couldn’t drive. In the free practice at the Nordschleife later that evening I had a passenger with me, so I felt quite “green” before qualifying Saturday morning.

Our team is very proffessional, but since we don’t do all the races, we don’t drive that much, and sometimes I’m actually surprised of how fast we are driving when you consider our lack of track time.

I was last out in the qualifying, but yellow-zones ruined my first two laps. My third lap was better, but I had quite a lot of trafic and ended with the time 08:44, one tenth from pole position. The plan was to do three laps, but I was told to continue on a fourth one. Even though my qualifying tires had seen their best days I was actually faster on this lap. The data shows that I was around two seconds faster when I came to Pflanzgarten 2, but then I ran out of fuel and had to stop…

Our car was also quite slow this weekend because of the heat, but I guess that’s the same for everybody in our class.


I was the one starting the race, and from second position I had a pretty messy start. A couple of Porsches from other classes overtook me, and suddenly I had a Seat from my class just behind me. This car was very fast on the straights and passed me up from Bergwerk. From then on it was a close fight between me, the Seat-driver, and Nürburgring-instructor, Andreas Gülden and Marcus Oestreich, the former DTM-driver, in an Audi TT. I was in third place all the way and tried to not take any chances and to save the tires. And in to the first pit stop it was just seconds that separated the first three cars.

Our fantastic mechanics and guest mechanics did a perfect pit stop, and we were faster than the other Audi in the pits. Then we were in second place when Håkon drove out of the pits. Håkon did an awesone job as always, and as I have said many times before, I think he has to be one of the world’s fastest drivers in their 50’s.

After a while both the Seat and the Audi got into trouble, and it was an easy run for Kenneth towards the end to get the car to the finish line.

This was an easy win for us, but I’m sure we would have won the race anyway. And some victories are easier than others, that’s just how it is.

It was also good to be back in the winner’s circle after the retirement I had at Norisring. Now I was on my home turf, and I also had the fastest lap of the race in our class.

Next race is September 3rd.

Photos: Pål Henning Berg


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