Second at the Ring

Møller Bil Motorsport finished Saturday’s VLN race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in second place.

After struggling with the top speed in the last two races we did some changes on the car before the practice on Friday. The car was slightly faster on the straights, but also more nervous in the corners. But with qualifying tires it was great, and I secured pole in the class with a time of 08.44.

I still had a lot more to give, and I went out for a third lap. It started with a code-60, so I slowed down to save the tires and try a fourth lap. Suddenly I felt a strange feeling in the steering. I thought the power steering was about to give up, but in to the Carousel I just understeered out of the track and into the barrier. Luckily I could drive slow into the pits, and the car didn’t have too much damage. In hindsight the steering problems was probably a puncture, and because of the puncture the car just went straight in the Carousel.

The mechanics did a perfect job, and the car was ready for the race.


I started the race and had quite a good start from pole position, but Andreas Gulden in a Seat Leon had a great start and was just behind me out on the Nordschleife. Just as in the last races he passed me quite easily, but I hung in there for a couple of laps. We both had 08.51 on lap two, but after three laps my car got so loose in the rear that I had to slow down. I don’t like cars that are loose, and I focused to drive fast and safe and not lose too much time. But after seven laps the car got filled with smoke and it smelt like something was on fire.

I didn’t know what it was and we decided to go in one lap earlier than planned. In the pits we found out that it was just some rubber on the exhaust and nothing serious.


Håkon then took over and did a very good stint and was faster than Seat factory driver Jordi Gené. The next pit stop was also great and Kenneth came out just in front of the Seat. He was passed, but on the last laps he was closing in on the Seat again. But one lap before the end he had to go in for a “splash and dash” because we pitted one lap earlier than planned in the beginning.

So we finished second, but without the smoke and the early pit stop who know who would have won…


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