Perfect win

We won Saturday’s VLN-race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife after a perfect race.

We didn’t expect a victory at all, and had quite low ambitions since we haven’t done any of the summer races in VLN. But we had a good test in the rain on Friday, and then we secured pole position in the qualifying Saturday morning.

It was a drying track during qualifying, and I took it quite easy on the damp track, but Kenneth nailed it on the last lap and secured pole.

I started the race and had a great start, and avoided the mayhem on the first lap. The Mathilda-Golf overtook me up from Bergwerk, but that was no surprise, and I think they have won all the races in the TCR-class this year. I focused on my driving and had a best lap of 09.00, just four seconds behind the Mathilda-Golf, and the second fastest lap in our class. I was then a bit unlucky with trafic, but I was still second after my stint.

Then Anders went into the car, and he did a great job in difficult conditions with some rain. Anders is our fourth driver, and he has just driven the 6-hour race the last sesons, so his performance was really impressive. Suddenly the Mathilda-Golf went off track, and we were fighting for the lead.

Then Håkon took over and drove like a God on the now fully wet track. In the last minute it was decided that Håkon should go out on rain tyres, and that was a perfect call. At last Kenneth just had to secure our victory, and he did a great job as always.

So yes, we had the margins on our side, but we also did a perfect job with fast lap times, no mistakes and perfect pit stops.

And the result was our first victory in the TCR-class.

Next race in just two weeks!

Photo: Peter Elbert

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