7,5 seconds…

7,5 seconds from the win after four hours of driving… Saturday’s VLN-race at the Nürburgring became a thrilling affair in the TCR-class.

We finished second this time, but we were only 7,5 seconds behind the winning Opel Astra TCR from Kissling Motorsport.

I started the race from third position. My start was ok and I was careful on the first lap to avoid any trouble. It was also raining quite heavy on parts of the track and I was out on slicks…

I kept out of trouble, although I lost one position. But soon I was up to third again and started to catch the second-placed Opel. But suddenly I spun at the GP-track. I don’t know why I spun, but I lost quite some time.

Then a bit later a Porsche from another class crashed straight into me, and I lost even more time. The Porsche driver was on my right side out of Brunnchen, so I kept to the left and braked a bit early so that he could pass into Eiskurve. But apparantly he changed his mind and suddenly he drove right into my left side. The Porsche got a puncture and then the driver tried to block me in the next corners…

I think that’s unacceptable, especially since the crash was his own mistake.

I talked to the driver afterwards and he admitted he was on my right side out of Brunnchen, but that his plan was to pass me on my left hand side. That was of course impossible for me to know, and very inexperienced of him, but luckily I could continue after the collision.

But without his blocking afterwards, we could have won the race…

After this the steering wheel was not pointing in the right direction and the car felt a bit strange. I had a moment in Pflanzgarten 2, and that was scary. Anyway, I was still third when I went into the pits, and some of my lap times matched the leading VW Golf.

Håkon then took over, and did a great job. The Golf had to retire, and suddenly we were second behind the Opel. Kenneth also did a great job and was catching the Opel, but in the end we were only 7,5 seconds behind…

That’s racing, and once again the team of mechanics did a perfect job. And with a bit more luck we could have won.

Next race September 23rd.



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