Lucky second

We finished second in the 6 hour race of the VLN-championship om Saturday. We lost time on a puncture, but since several competitors also had troubles, we got P2.

For me it was a quite unspectacular race. I didn’t do the qualifying because the rain increased, and when it was my turn in the race we had lost a lot of time because of the puncture, so I hadn’t much to drive for. I think I maybe could have driven the fastest lap of the race on some of my last laps, but I had code-60’s on every lap.

The team did a great job as always, and without the puncture I think we could have fought for the win. It was only four cars in the TCR-class this time, but 5-6 TCR-cars in other classes. I don’t understand why, and I think it’s a shame.

Next race is in September.

Photo: Peter Elbert

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