Some news

With the coronavirus everything is a bit on hold at the moment.

The first races in the newly named NLS-championship (formerly known as VLN) are cancelled, and we don’t know when the season will start for Møller Bil Motorsport. Hopefully in August, and our planned 4 hour race the last weekend of September is now replaced by the 24 hour race. Let’s see what happens.

For me the cancellations and postponents of the first Formula 1-races are far worse. I suddenly lost half my income, and we don’t know when the F1-season will start again.

Because of that I have started a Formula 1 blog on (in Norwegian), and I will also start a podcast together with my two colleagues Stein Pettersen and Henning Isdal.

I have also made the Facebook-page about my job as a F1-commentator.

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